Friday, July 31, 2015

Guadalajara 2015

Kinda hard to believe that 2 weeks ago, at this time, I was on a plane getting ready to take off to my beloved birth place Guadalajara. I got the good, exciting and nerve racking news about my travel on 07/11/15. Bought my plane ticket on 07/13/15 and took one 1 week w/out pay from work to travel. I left Saturday (18th) late night from San Jose Airport and arrived the 19th at 4:45am Guadalajara time (2 hrs ahead of Bay area time). I was really nervous and excited at the same time. Next month (August) would had been 24 yrs since I was in my birthplace and I thanked God for allowing to go and comeback w/out any problems. I was there for a total of 6 days (from 07/19-07/25). Its crazy how the area where I grew up didn't look anything like I remember...then again I don't remember much to be honest. There's at least 4 times as many houses in the block we used to live. It was nice to see aunts, uncles and cousins as well as other family members I had never met...everyone was really nice and seemed really happy to see me =) I wish my parents and brothers could have been there too, it would've been a great family reunion! Hopefully someday it'll for now I'm looking forward to visit again (for more than 6 days) hopefully within the next 1-2 yrs =)

We took a pic before John took me to the airport, @ the airport and waiting for the plane to take off

Some old photos my aunt showed me and photos from Lake Chapala where my uncle took us on my 1st day there =)

On my 3rd day 2 of my cousins took me to the downtown/touristy area. We walked a lot! but it worthed because we got to see the architecture and the Spanish influence in the city as well as get a short lesson in Guadalajara's history. At least one of the buildings we visited was from the 1700s and others almost as old from the 1800's.

So thankful to my cousins, especially Ruth (with the glasses) for taking the week off and being my guide =)

Flying back home, glad I got the window seat and was able to enjoy the view. Hope to see you again soon Guadalajara!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Past 2 weeks in photos.

Posting again this month since I'm on vacation so I have extra time =). These photos are phone photos, but I'm happy I have used my big camera twice in the past week. Tomorrow is Friday and my last "vacation day" so hopefully it'll be a good day. Also hoping to get some "big" good news in the next coming days...really hoping! But just have to wait and see.

These are from the 3rd week of June-July 5th
best cousins =)
All taken with my Canon 70D, except the one of me (random and rare selfie).

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Phone photos

These photos are phone photos from last week of May- June 20th. Got 4 nieces out of 5...the tween is on that "I don't want my picture taken" phase. However, I do have lots of photos of the nephew =)

Japanese w/girls and their mom.

The "babies" who will be starting the 2nd grade next fall.

Rojo, nieces and my two brothers =)

The little fashionista =P

This past week: Got a free drink =) out and about, and yesterday went to the movies w/the hubby in Alameda (had not done that in a while, so it was nice). Hope we do keep the 1 date/per month.

Also really hoping for good news in the next 1-2 weeks...we'll see.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


It's been a month since my last post and it's one month 'til summer begins, even though here in doesn't feel like it. We've had fall like weather for the past almost 2 wks, which it's not so bad since I prefer cooler weather over hot, but it's kinda weird. Anyways I only used my big camera once in the past 30 days so here are some photos from going for a walk w/my brother and nieces.

Now here are some phone photos from the past wks, including going to see the Cinderella ballet =)

More phone photos, including balloon puppies made by my 9yr old niece =)

Yup, me at 15...9th grade. Hard to belive it's been 18 years since that photo =( & my mom and me =)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Last month

April is almost over and it feels like the days are flying by. Although the weekdays (workdays) still seems long. Since I haven't used my big camera in a while, here are some cell pics from the past 30 days or so.

Got see this boy several times...he gets happy and excited when he sees me, which makes me happy too =)

Some photos from going bowling w/3 of the nieces and their mom, going to see Cinderella and me and hubby doing groceries and having dinner =)