Sunday, July 24, 2016

July...ready for Fall.

I'm posting July since there is only 1 week left in the month. I was on vacation the 1st week of the month and during that week, I rested, went to an amusement park with the oldest niece, which was more fun than I thought it would be =) went out to eat w/my mom and went to a Point Reyes Light house on the last Saturday before going back to work. So overall, I think it was a good, week, good summer vacation overall =) and now some pics. form the past 3 wks.
Some photos of 1st week.

Photos of the light house at Point Reyes, it's worth the 2 hrs trip and the road trip itself has a really nice view =) I went a 2nd time with my other brother and his family since they wanted to see it too and I wanted photos of the Cypress tree tunnel and the abandoned boat we saw on the 1st strip, but didn't stop. I'm glad I went both times. Even though the walk upstairs of over 600 stairs almost killed me the 1st time I would do it again. (But I can wait a few months =)

The bottom one is from the 1st time, it was really foggy by the lighthouse, which I think gave an extra nice touch to the photos. Top photo was the weekend after, not so foggy... and yes, I'm already looking forward to Fall, cooler weather, pretty leaves and a week of in mid October =)

June...came and went fast.

I was excited for June to get here since my 2 week vacation started on the last week of this month. It feel like June came and went fast, as my vacations, but I'm happy I was able to take 2 weeks off back to back since for the past 3 years I was only able take 1 week vacation at a time, so that was nice =)
In June we had a emoji theme "party" or celebration for my 10 yr old niece that was promoted from elementary to middle school and I went camping for 2 days and 2 nights with one of my brothers and his family.

These are random photos from the 2 firsts weeks of the month.

The emoji party was captured with the big camera.

Phone pics from the 2 day camping trip. Last time I went camping, before this was when the summer before I turned 20...15 yrs ago =( wow can't believe it!

May...I'm still alive =)

I have not post anything here in the last three months and although I've been taking photos, both with my phone and big camera, I have been lazy or
unmotivated to post them here. Anyways, I decided to do it now on another lazy=uneventful Sunday and here we are =) All of these are from my phone.

In mid May I went cherry-picking with one of my brothers and the 5 nieces. Overall, it was a fun family activity, but too hot and humid. I got sunburn because I forgot to put on sunblock, not so fun afterwards =(

These are from one weekend at parents for carne asada at the end of the month =)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

And another month goes by...

It's been five weeks since my last post. Not much has happened, but still want to include some photos so I can come back one look at them =)

These are from going out to dinner w/my nieces, one was from after doing a photo session w/2 nieces and their mom and the other one was just going out to eat w/my 2 oldest nieces and lil' sister, we did a little shopping too =)

This was J's first time meeting Lobo, Rojo's son =) Both boys just want to be pet, they are big and can be intimidating if you don't know them, but they are sweet puppies =) I love them both!

Last Saturday I tagged along w/my brother and his family to S.F, it was a nice day in the city w/nice weather and good food =)
& last, these are photos from this week (except the one from my parents 03/21) Today has been a lazy Sunday, with ice cream and too much tv watching.

P.S I'm really looking for forward to my 2 weeks summer vacations, hoping there is no problems about that...

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring is here.

Today is the 1st day of Spring, looking forward to taking more photos with big camera =). The past 2 weekends have been pretty rainy, good because we need it, but haven't gone out much for the same reason. I'm 34 now...bitter sweet. Hoping 34 is a good year...for now here are some pics taken with my phone from the past 4 wks.

3 weeks ago I babysat 2 of my nieces, we watched movies and spend some time w/my favorites pups =)

The next day J and I went out for some shoe shopping and took this one.
We been having a lot of rain (on and off) the past 2 week, and even some blackouts, good thing I buy a lot of candles =)

More of the fur nephews.

After having an extra stressful week at work I decides to get myself some pretty flowers. Really liking ranunculus, they are so pretty =)
(last 4 photos are from the dslr)
Hoping and wishing a happy Spring!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

January and February.

Decided it was times to post, since in a few days March will be rolling in. Not sure how to feel about it. I guess is bittersweet since in less than 2 wks I'll be 34 and 15 years ago that seemed old to me...also another year with out becoming a mom, which doesn't get easier with time =( Still trying to believe that will change, hopefully sooner rather than later. And since I don't want to get more depressed I will post some pictures from the past 8 wks, mostly from my phone.

Enjoyed the weather we've been having the past 2 weeks, a walk in the park, mini golf and late "carne asada" at my parents =)

Went to see grandma Greene on MLK day =)

Enjoyed petting and watching these two interact. Rojo has accepted Lobo =)

Sunsets are always a favorite! =)
and lastly, must have 1-2 cherry blossoms in our future house =)

Surely Spring is coming.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Last photos from 2015

Tittle says it all. Here are some phone and big camera pics from Dec =)

3 of Rojo's babies came home @ 6 weeks. 2 girls and 1 boy how looks just like Rojo, except for the eye color.

Of course we fell in love w/them

The girls found new families who adopted them @ 8 wks and Lobito (the boy) stays with our family like his father =)

Will try to post more often this coming year {2016}